5 Leather Selection Suggestions

Leather has been an essential part of fashion for a very long time. Every man requires some good leather products. Leather wallets and belts are trademarks of class. As the economy slows rebounds, it’s crucial to find ways in order to stay within the budget, under a close-fitting time constraint, without sacrificing the quality.

Following are some few leather selection suggestions and tips to take into consideration first before making your next purchase:

Types of Leather
  • Bonded Leather – Also referred as the blended leather, is the most cost efficient leather for upholstery. Though it’s not 100% leather, it’s a man-made item made up of 3 layers; (1) a paper backer or fiber, (2) a pulp made from torn leather bits combined with bonding glue and (3) a polyurethane coating embossed in order to look like leather.


  • Top-Grain Leather – Top-grain leather is known to be the second best quality. It’s made by getting rid of the layers below and above it, leaving it more pliable and thinner. This is also sanded to eradicate any marks and scars from the hide, and is the most preferred choice for leather furniture and goods, as it’s durable and strong.


  • Genuine Leather – This type of leather is made from the fibrous area of the cowhide, which is left when the top layers have been detached. This split layer is normally treated with a dye or finish to make it look like higher grades of leather. Further, it’s also utilized to make suede – a leather with fuzzy texture on both sides.


  • Full-Grain Leather – Full grain leather is the top and highest quality leather of all types and is made from the topmost level of the cowhide. Full-grain leather has not had any buffing or sanding to remove natural marks and imperfections on the surface, and consist hair-on-hide. To get the best quality, the full grain was left intact that offers breathability, durability, and strength.
Check Lead Times

In case you didn’t know yet, the tanning process might take around 6 to 12 weeks to generate quality upholstery leather. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wait that long for the order.


Leather was utilized throughout history as a shield due to its protective qualities. Apart from that, leather is breathable, wind resistant and could even be treated to be totally waterproof. Leather outwear is an essential for every motorcyclist because of leather’s protective qualities.


Did you know that the best quality leathers items are expensive for a reason? Leathers can last for a very long time. A good leather item will be around for the long tug. Because the leather isn’t woven, there is no risk of stretching or unraveling like the majority of clothes will later on do. Good leather will certainly take a beating.

Make sure that you shop around to ask the leather vendor why prices are lower or higher than their competitors. While quality plays a role in making prices, ensure you consider other factors, which might be driving the prices up.

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