Cheap china watches. Really?!


Is there any nice Made in China watches?

Depends what is your understanding about nice watches. There are watches, that show you the time, look good and after a month or 2 start to fall apart. There are some Chinese watches that are actually made really nice with in-house movement and good design and sizing. So, there are options out there that you maybe will consider taking a look at.

But let’s start with the bottom level. What is going to be the cheapest Chinese watch? Well, here you go:

This is a watch with a price less than a dollar. So what do you get for that price? Just a simple as possible quartz movement, some kind of crystal, cheap strap and super slim design. This is the type of watch that is very possibly to get broken in the next few months of use. I wound’s advice you to buy this watch for your daily driver, but if you don’t mind taking a watch from China, wearing it a few months and then trashing it and get a new one – ok. You can also buy 40-50 pieces for this cheap price and then wear them  for the next few years. There are so many options.

But its there anything worth buying?

Absolutely. As long as it’s not replica or looks similar to another watch. Not exactly like it but similar. Let’s take a look at this watch.


This now is a cool looking watch. Simple, elegant and without something fancy. You get a rubber strap, you get a light function – awesome features for the price of less than 3 dollars. What more do you want? It does look like one particular module of Q&Q but who will notice exactly that.

Ok, until here we saw only watches with no value, cheap price for a cheap watch. Is there something, that really worth’s something and also selling it?

black openwork watch

This is a watch that has only style. If you know more about watches (I hope you do) you will instantly notice that this timepiece, although it’s such a nice empty skeleton its quartz. Ok, so 399$ for a quartz piece made in China? Yeah, something like that. But there is always more and more to choose from.

Ceramic Women Watch


This watch does look like a model of Seiko, but it’s automatic, you maybe have some what of a guarantee, but where – nobody knows and then you only pay 159$. It’s not that bad, when you know there are reals Seiko watches at this price.
Ok, where was the point till now? We all have seen this Aliexpress models of watches and we all know their quality and such. Is there watches that are really made in China but not so cheap and not so fake?

Sea-Gull is a watch manufacturer in China, which provides with really nice timepieces for the price. If you look around in internet you will definitely find information and even video reviews of them. People like them for the price, for the in-house movement and for the idea behind it – a professionally made watch in China. So, here is the answer to the question:

Are there any watches made in China that worth something more and that are really good made – Yes, there are. You just have to have more patience to find them, more idea to look for them and really to think about – Why do you need one? Are you Chinese and you wanted to support your watchmaking industry? Or you are just a regular guy who liked the design and  wants one piece of them? Tell us your idea and your vision for this type of watch.

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