Do you have kids?


Do they have a watch? They do? What and why? Why did you buy your 3-4-5 years old a watch? Yes, I am talking to the people that are giving watches to the kids before they even go to school. I believe we should all agree on the list of reasons why not to give a child a watch:

  • Still can’t read.
  • Has no idea what a “time” is.
  • Doesn’t go anywhere without a grownup to know when to come back.
  • Will 1000% destroy it.

I believe this 4 reasons are enough for a kid not to have a watch. Maybe you got your kid a watch – Swatch, Flik Flak or an old watch from somewhere, which surprisingly works. I will understand you if:

  • You have and old watch and it doesn’t have a value to you (really you have one of these? )
  • You found one on a garage sale and your kid like it, even when it’s out of battery and you got it really cheap.
  • You want to make a “kid-stress” test on that watch,
  • You really think your kid should have a watch on his/her arm.

The perfect time for me would be when the kid goes to school. There he or she will know why it is important to have a watch and his parent’s will tell them when they will come to pick them up.
So, if that is clear, let’s make some starting points of what to look for when you buy your kid a watch:

  • Durability – like, G-Shock graded durability.
  • Battery – unless you want to teach your kid to wear super heavy watch because it’s mechanical movement.
  • Small, but not microscopic. It has to be, because you don’t want your kids hand to get tired of wearing a heavy watch.
  • Something to be remembered and working.

I will make this paragraph specifically for the last point. What do I mean by – To be remembered and working. You know, maybe you have your parents watches or watch and thing about them when you look at it. Or if you are old enough you look at your watch that your parents gave you as a first watch. How does it look like after all the beating that it took? After all the years? Still running? Still looking wearable or even better – you still wear it? That’s because it is not a disposable watch. Something to buy for 2$ and instead of changing a battery for 5$ - to buy a new one.

So, with these points, you can easily start and search for something good on the market. What about some Casio? They have watches with great durability, 10 years of battery (not that is saving money from batteries) and silicon strap that can be easily changed. You can choose other models from the brand, but because they have proven themselves over the years with durability on a super high level, long life battery at a super low price, this would be my first start when looking to buy a kids watch. You can also go with a watch from your local shop and find a watch for few bucks with some kids animated heroes on them. But this is some really cheap watch and it will not going to last the test of time.


Or if you have seen some other brands that sell this type of watches – cheap and durable, share them down in the comment section. Let’s see how many other brands offer this kind of watches at this price range.

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