Hand Tooling Leather Techniques

Many people are not aware that tooling a leather is a lot simpler than they’d think and the outcomes can be extremely wonderful. What you need to do is to have the basic tools, a vegetable tanned leather and a sponge and water.

At present, anyone can now enjoy leatherwork, you will find a plethora of useful articles about leather to create a beautiful piece of art. In order to decorate a leather by carving, you need several tools like pear shader, mallet, backgrounder, seeder, veiner, beveler, camouflage and swivel knife. These tools allow you to make basic leather articles. As your enthusiasm and skill grow, you’ll like to add more tools to your collection. Don’t forget your leather of course.

Moistening of the Leather

Vegetable tanned tooling leather should be moistened with water before you could work with it. This process is referred as casing. As you damp the leather, the fibers soften and swell, therefore allowing you to stamp and form it. The leather is moistened thru rubbing a wet sponge on it. Make sure that your hands are tidy.

Rub the wet sponge on the flesh part and on the grain area. Spread the water as equally as possible. Once the leather starts to go back to its normal color, you can start stamping. When the leather dries before you do the tooling design, it’s essential to remoisten it. Be certain you case the whole piece to prevent water spots.

A tip: Do not use metal containers for your water as it might cause your leather to stain. Instead, you can use plastic or glass container.

Craftool Stamps: How to Use It

Improve the look of your leather jobs with the use of craft tool stamps. These might be utilized to make original designs or for elaborating the look of you carved design. You can use a rawhide mallet head or wood to strike the top to get its impression on the leather.

Don’t ever strike craft tool stamps thru a metal face hammer because it can ruin the tools. Hold both the decorative stamping tool and mallet upright in a secure, but relaxed way. Hold the mallet in the middle of the handle with your fingers than the palm of your hand.

Alphabet and 3D Stamps

Alphabet stamps are fast ways of personalizing your leather projects. They also come in different variety of designs like symbols, pictorials, animals and more.

Leather Finish

Leather finishes are being applied to safeguard the leather and restore the appearance and qualities. Before applying the leather finish, be sure that all tooling of the design should be done before the finish is applied. Ensure the surface area is clean and dry of any dirt or dust.

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