Are you a quartz or mechanical watch type.


Quartz or Mechanical – Who are you?Ok, this theme should be in internet for more than 10 years, but there is always a space to discuss something. Like this – we are not going to talk about do you need only one type or another, but the situation you are in and what watch will fit you the best for that.
To start off, letsclarify something – mechanical could be automatic or hand wind. When you buy an automatic watch, you can wear it 3-4 days and you will not going to have to wind it. But if it’s a hand wind watch you will have to do it every day or few days a week.

If you have the automatic one you can wear it every day and you will not need to wind it every 2-3 days. I hope you can understand it, so we can continue with the main point.

Let’s start with the quartz people.

Have you ever asked yourself – What type of person buys a quartz watch? You Mama?Dad or a friend who doesn’t want to wind they’r watch every day. This is Ok for them and those are the exact people I want to talk to you today for – the people who don’t like watches so much and they want to have they’re time always the correct way. So, you are a person, who is working 8-9 hour job, maybe carrying something around a storage unit, working in a big shop or something, that doesn’t allow you to check your watch every 10 minutes to see is it working properly. Because if it’s an automatic watch, the possibility for that is very high.

Or the other possibility is that you are into fashion and like to have watches that fit your style. There are so many style and brands of watches, but the main thing is that they are cheap and you can buy packages of them. This way you will look good and know the time. This is the most common situation – you want more watches, but cheap and you don’t have time to wind it or you just don’t like it.


A mechanical or automatic person would be.

This is completely different story, because there are so many situations where you can fall into with mechanical or automatic watches:
- You inherited it from your grandparents/parents.
- Got it as a gift and your heart is too weak to sell it.
- Found it on the ground and you really like it.

Also, you would be possible into watches. It does not necessarily means that you have to collect 200 pieces, but you just like that mechanical movement, that sweet mechanical sound and you just like them. But a true watch enthusiast knows which brand to choose, mechanism, model and so on. So this is a type of person that 70% of the time is on a job that there is very small chance the watch to be hit by something to the point of no repairing.

On every workspace there is a chance of big damage, but when you have an automatic or a hand-wind watch you always pay a little bit more attention to it. This type of watches are more expensive then the quartz ones, so when you have a mechanical movement time piece you always take a better look at your working  environment and the way your day goes.

There are a lot of people out there, who buy a mechanical watch just for the status, the price of it and to show, that they have money, although they don’t understand absolutely anything about watches. So, the theme is cleared and the last advice I would like to give you would be – Buy your watches smart! You want to extract the maximum out of it. Out of his time accuracy, quality of the material, functions and style. Search more, think more and you will find the perfect watch, to fit you.

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