Top 5 Smart Watches 2017

Nowadays, the smartwatch is considered as the ultimate smartphone accessory. It will not only tell the time but also beam significant notifications. What is more awesome is that most of the models can perform a lot of novel tricks. From searching the net with your voice, tracking your workout routines, to checking out in your chosen grocery store, a smartwatch can boost convenience.

When choosing the smartwatch that is ideal for you is a bit overwhelming. However, the following smart watches can give you an exciting and hassle-free experience.

  1. Apple Watch 2

One of the best smartwatches you can purchase this 2017 is the Apple Watch 2. Unlike other watches available in the market, it is water resistant. You can wear it though it rains cats and dogs. You will have a peace of mind even it gets wet. It is also durable that can last a long time.


Aside from that, it is highly featured. There is GPS onboard that can make running a bit easier. It also comes with the newest watchOS 3 software you will love. Even though it is similar to the original Apple Watch, it is still designed wisely. But, make sure to prepare your pocket as it is more expensive than you think.


  1. Samsung Gear S3

When you cannot afford Apple Watch 2, Samsung Gear S3 is a great option. It has intuitive controls as well as Super AMOLED screen like the Samsung Gear S2. It also has GPS. While its look can be more executive than the previous version, it has an IP68-protected build. You can use it for three days without even charging. Furthermore, it is more compatible with IOS.


  1. LG Watch Style

Another smartwatch that catches clients’ attention is LG Watch Style. It is equipped with cool and useful features everyone will enjoy. It has a magnificent or stunning style you will be confident to wear. It also has voice-activated Google assistant as well as an effective user interface.


  1. LG Watch Sport

Like the given smartwatches, it is a highly featured option you can ever have. To name a few, it has an appealing design and standalone apps. You can make a call without using your phone. But, you need to use a SIM card. Its battery lasts up to 16 hours as well. So, frequent charging is not important.


  1. Asus ZenWatch 3

When looking for an Android Wear smartwatch, Asus ZenWatch 3 should be your number one choice. It has useful hardware buttons, a great display, and a wonderful battery life. Although its style might not suit the needs of a range of people, its designs are highly commendable. It can be compared to a premium watch.

There you go the top 5 smartwatches this year. Whatever your choice is, you will be able to have a worthwhile and long-lasting investment. Though some are a bit costly, they are one of the best when it comes to functionality and other features. Take one of them into account to have an excellent watch.

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