Top 5 Types of Watch Straps

A proper and ideal strap is an important companion to watches. When switching it out, everyone can experiment with a new or unique style. A different strap collection can boost the number of combinations you deserve. To any keen observer, a strap is more visible than the face of your watch more often. So, a broad range of bands can help you make your watch enormous and wonderful.

Typically, watch straps are available at a price you can really afford. Instead of buying a new watch, just expand your own collection of straps. But, this does not necessarily mean that you won’t purchase watches. Just make sure you will never overlook the utmost importance of straps.

Below are the top 5 types of watch straps.

  1. Zulu Strap – Inspired by NATO straps, Zulu Strap is still different. It is composed of thicker and more durable materials, including nylon and leather. It slightly increase its strength as well as durability. However, it might not be a perfect choice for you when you have watches with spring bars. Unlike NATO strap, it is larger and has a more rounded hardware in order to accommodate its increased girth. Also, it is available in 3 & 5 ring configurations.


  1. Rally Strap  – one of the most recognized watch straps is rally strap because it has more large perforations below the lugs. It is an ideal choice for every summer wear. Its perforations increase ventilation that can reduce the summer heat. It is great to pair with a vintage or classic chronograph since it had been used to most time races. You should pick one up now to complete your collection of watch straps.


  1. Oyster Strap – In 1930’s, the Oyster bracelet was introduced as an absolute classic by Rolex. It is especially characterized by its thick and long link design. When it comes to oyster strap, it has hefty links that are perfect for a large watch. Nevertheless, it also looks magnificent on a smaller one. If you are interested in experimenting watches, making the oyster strap is a great start.


  1. Bund Strap – It is essential to note that bund strap is not for everyone. Typically, it is warm that makes it hard to wear during summer. It is often too large that won’t fit a small type of wrist. Still, it is a superb choice for people who are afflicted with a potential metal allergy. It is also the best if your wrist is large.


  1. Double Tour Strap – Apart from that, you should take advantage of a double tour strap. If you want a watch with two straps, double tour strap is the one you should grab. Like other given options, it can bring up your outfit. You will not only look professional but also appealing.


Indeed, buying different straps can make all your watches new and unique. You will no longer have a hard time to choose the watch strap that can change your appeal and feel. Expand your collection of straps today by giving the list a try.

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