Write for Goriani Leather! Guest bloggers wanted!

This year, the Goriani Leather team thought it would be a good thing to allow other of the community and beyond to share their insights on all things performance and Leatherwork. We believe that our readers and our customers could benefit greatly from shared experiences, tips and tricks that can make the Leatherworking better .

 If you have something you’d like to share regarding Leatherwork, we’d love to have you on as a guest blogger!

 These are some of the topics we are interested in:

  • Hand tooling leather techniques
  • Hand tooling leather patterns
  • Free printable leather patterns
  • Leather Selection Suggestions

Needless to say that if you have a topic that goes beyond what is listed here, you should pitch it to us! We love to learn new things.


Contributor Requirements & Editorial Standards

Disclose any type of relationship that you have (agency/company) ahead of time. We like to be informed of such things to provide proper context for our readers.

Original content: the content your provide for our blog must be original and not republished on other websites.

Preferred length of post: minimum 500 words for a simple article and maximum 3000 words for a tutorial.

Tone of content:

 Refrain from turning this into an ad for your services

Provide informative content

Light and fun (we love a good joke)

Accessible content: we like to share knowledge for a wide range of users. If your topic is very niche or very technical, please say so  when you communicate with us and and please make sure to explain it in simple terms and provide documentation for those of us that wish to level up.

Type of content:

We are open to quite a few types of content:


  • Case studies
  • News
  • Guides
  • Opinion pieces
  • The process

 Editing process: we reserve the right to edit our contributors’ content but will provide a final look prior to publication.

Attribution: it’s important for us to give proper credit. We require proper attribution to be given to all pictures, data or other content that is not produced by the contributing author.

Copyright rules: our contributing authors maintain copyright over their own words but we reserve the right to use the content in other pieces of content.

Write for us

 If you want to submit a subject, an idea or an article, just get in touch with us via email!

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